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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Tested Serviced Surplus Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Surplus Tested Used & Serviced Battery Backups from office 500VA to Enterprise 500KVA+.

> Special Pricing - Factory New APC SUVT Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Battery ModuleUPS Battery Replacements

Replace your batteries DIY or order Replacement Battery Cartridges (RBC) to extend the life of your UPS. Search by RBC # or UPS model.

>>Order Extended or External
Battery Cabinets>>

UPS PartsUPS Repair & Service Parts

Load bank tested pulls from 3-phase & popular UPS. Don't give up on repair - search power supply boards, gate drive boards, snubber, logic boards; IGBTs, SCRs AC & DC capacitor banks, and fans, fans, fans. Browse by model of UPS. All parts stocked in anti-static bags.

ADC trademarkADC Fiberguide

Used undamaged 4", 6" & 12" sizes still in stock. Raceway, Express Drops, Crosses and 90*s sold at half of list & no waiting.

Surplus ADC Fiberguide MEXP-A/B/F

ADC Fiberguide
Over 100 In Stock NOW!
$49.95 /ea
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WES Leasing Options
WES Leasing Options

Cost Saving or Emergency Long / Short Term Lease on UPS Systems

DC Power & RectifiersDC Power & Rectifiers

Used &Tested rectifiers including Lorain, Tyco, Lucent, Power One ferroresonant and modular systems. BDFBs & DC distribution frames also in stock.

Transformers & Power DistributionTransformers, Power Distribution, & Bypass Systems

Use our tested dry type step-down transformers for isolated power distribution or install metered and switched rack, Vertical & Horizontal PDUs/Power Strips in load cabinets.
> > LV Switchgear Also Available

Breakers, Contactors, and FusesBreakers, Contactors, & Fuses

Breakers from 15A 1-pole to 500A 3-pole are in stock. We have a large stock of unused and tested contactors up to 750A & surplus unused fuses up to 2000A. Includes Square D, GE, Mitsubishi, ABB, Ferrazz Shawmut, Gould, & Bussmann.

Surplus Office, Data Center, and Industrial EquipmentIndustrial Cooling and
Computer Room AC

Buy, rent or lease Industial capacity Evironmental Control units. Also, those designed for DataCenter Computer/Server rooms.Great options to choose!

Factory NEW APC SmartUPS

APC Factory New SmartUPS
Rating: 30KVA
Input: 208V, 3PH
Output: 208V, 3PH

In Stock $15,800*
Call to Order

*Included:3 SYBT4 Battery Modules,
Factory Startup & Installation

Get This DEAL
PowerPatrol Batteries!
PowerPatrol SLA1056 12V 5Ah Battery
12V5Ah F2 terminal
$21.95* each
*MIN ORDER (Qty) 5

 PowerPatrol SLA1079 12V 8Ah Battery
12V7Ah F2 terminal

$25.95* each
*MIN ORDER (Qty) 8

PowerPatrol SLA1116 12V 18Ah Battery
12V18Ah Nut Bolt
Replacement Battery for APC UPS;Fits RBC7, RBC11, RBC55,
Matrix Smartcell
*NO Minimum Limited Time

Just the TIP

Do you know one of APC's (Schneider Electric) best kept secrets is the Line-R Voltage Regulator? This little gem comes in two 120V sizes, 600VA and 1200VA. Smaller than a breadbox, Line-R uses a transformer to boost or trim input line voltage, making anything from a brown 90VAC to hot 140VAC, at 47Hz to 63Hz acceptable. (The International model is 220V, 230V or 240V nominal input.) Needing no battery and using just standard plug-ins, we have found this to be a dream work-around in temporary sites, PLCs and tight budgets. Although the APC disclaimer disuades us from feeding refrigerators, I find that the compressor would rather take continuous 120V from the Line-R rather than clunk alomg with 90V of spotty power. For $50, what's to lose?

Worwetz Energy Systems is Open!!!

WES is available now to help repair any damage to Critical Back-Up Systems that may have been compromised by Hurricane Irma. Call for Service, Replacement Parts, Batteries, and Expertise to manage this crisis and provide protection for data, hardware, and future system failures.
WES can offer rent / lease options immediately!
Clients under Service Plans are guaranteed priority scheduling. On site service will continue while travel is safe and unrestricted.


Field Deployment

KECO Environmental Control Unit

10Ton Heat / Cooling10 Ton Heating or Cooling Unit KECO FDECU5

208, 230V
3Pole + Ground
Remote Thermostat
Air Cooled
Open Exhaust
Outdoor Rated Military Grade
Hubbel or Quick Connector
Easy Pallet Jack or Forklift Handling

NEW! Russelectric ATS 1200V


Isolation Transfer Switch

New, Surplus, Unused,
Never Commissioned

Voltage: 277/480
Rating: 1200A 60Hz

Special Pricing* $18,000

*Limited Time Only
Available Now!

> > See All Available LV Switchgear Currently in Stock

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