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APC Symmetra Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Browse APC Products by BrandThe biggest you can get without 3-phase power. This fully online UPS boasts 8-16KVA of power in a user-maintained, user-installed design. Configure as 208 or 240 VAC input and output of 120/208/240, no matter the input. The N+1 redundancy design offers a margin that will maintain load in the event of failure.
The Symmetra is also scalable; adding or reducing power modules as well as battery modules as the need or budget may require. Extended runtime frames further expand runtime and scalability.

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SY16KTested & Serviced
Symmetra Masterframe



Input: 208/240V
Output: 120/208/240V
*Runtimes: Scalable


SY16N+1Tested & Serviced
Symmetra Masterframe


Rating: 16KVA

Input: 208/240V
*Runtimes: Scalable


SY16KN+1SYXR12Tested & Serviced Symmetra Masterframe &
XR Cabinet

SY16KN+1 & SYXR12

Rating: 16KVA
Input: 208/240V Output:120/208/240V
Extended runtime Battery cabinet
*Runtimes: Scalable


APC Symmetra LX 8KVATested & Serviced
Symmetra LX


Rating: 8KVA

Input: 208/240V
*Runtimes: Scalable

$3,980 Not in Stock-Call

APC Symmetra LXTested & Serviced
Symmetra LX &
XR Cabinet


Rating: 8KVA

Input: 208/240V
*Runtimes: Scalable

$7,671 Not in Stock-Call

New Symmetra Masterframe
Replacement Battery Pack

APC SYBATT Battery Module


Rating: 120VDC, 7Ah

Input: Hot-Swap
* Runtimes: Scalable

New Pricing $229 Call to Order

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