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Extended Run Battery Cabinet Options

Liebert AP300 & 600T Series
20KVA - 450KVA

UDA63102A36A320Liebert 600T 100KVA UPS

Rating: 100KVA

Input: 480V
Ouput: 480V
2370 lbs
MFR 2000: Factory Refurb 2003

Input Filter
*Runtimes Vary


Liebert Nfinity Hot Swap Power Modules 16KVA & 20KVA

AP300 & AP301 Series 30KVA to 125KVA AP341, AP346, AP355, AP356, AP366, AP376, AP381

AP381 125KVA, AP376 100KVA Assemblies

610 Series 300KVA

Npower Series 130KVA, 480V Parts

Static Transfer Switch Paralleling Cabinet

Transformers and Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Comair Rotron Fans - Fans & Blowers

Extended Run & External Battery Cabinets, Packs, and Parts

AVAILABLE Liebert Cabinets

  • UBP 180
    400A/ 500VDC/ 3 Pole
    282-423VDC/ 225A/ 1 String, 30 Batts

  • UBP 180
    150A/ 3 Pole
    282-423VDC/ 225A/ 1 String, 30 Batts

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